Smart Logistics will Transform Trucking

Unlocking the Potential of Software-Enabled Freight Marketplaces

Learn how Orbit and PwC Startegy& envision the future of Logistics!

The road freight industry is on the verge of being transformed by improvements in efficiency delivered by digitization and artificial intelligence (AI). Just as online marketplaces from Craigslist to Airbnb have revolutionized the way people shop and access services, the key to change in the road freight sector are software-enabled processes that are deeply integrated with both shippers and transport and logistics companies.

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  • Artificial intelligence and autonomous driving as innovation drivers in freight transport
  • Increasing competition in the transport and logistics industry leads to 276 million US dollar M&A volume in 2020
  • Savings potential of up to 2 billion euros and up to 2 megatonnes of CO2 through digital freight forwarders
  • Avoidance of 6.6 billion kilometres of empty runs possible in Germany alone